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Social Studies

by Human Services

Waiting for chance when time is nothing to force the facts, and hang on the line, and feed on the bait. Searching for something and pressing the button plainly in sight. Who knows the throws, it's worth wasting: aim, breathing, fouls, face, credits, paths, height, time, timing, attacks. Relax, it's the game to gain: vision, grace, relics, tax, favor, pain, hope, place (under a microscope). Living on edge but standing in line. Believe what you say, and trying to stay alive/afraid. Know your profits in due time. Don't rehearse you know your lines. Can't reload to see the blind, but not become. Not upper hand, but under thumb. Hearing, guided, knowing not. Seeing, slighted, showing for what? Leaking pressure, building the face. Unknowing, connected. Missing the plan, but playing your part, as was expected. Showing up until when?
Rough Outing 03:36
I watched you fading, it's horrible. A miracle to me. You're drowning, baby. Show the truth, appearing to agree. All the lives you've taken from me. With this waiting lately, insatiable, less meaningful to me. All the lies, all the lives you taken. You're wretched, baby. You're hollow in your disguise. With this waiting lately, insatiable, less meaning to me. All the lives.
Take your time, but the time is now. Pure stems of your eyes for her toothless child. We share scags. You are my disease, as you were at ease. Provide the side to be denied of pride. Print the new neighbor to be father's rank. Thumbless shots to the sea. Sunken liners of green stained skin line up to cleanse in orphans greed and sisters sweat. Public events tilted purity tank.
Keep moving higher to seek release. We dodge the wires, or hear the trees. Don't miss the water or read the signs. Beware samaritans. Live to resign. Save the time, that pain for lost, and try again, and try your thoughts. Don't follow your wrongs you wish to right. On your way down, keep still. Your life passes before your eyes. Recalling every day, to magnify the thrill. Hopefully the timing was right. So I won't fall. So I won't fall on you, so I won't fall in two. Ten seconds 'til you hit the ground. I am going to survive this now, just a change of scenery. Force the body, force the body. Force it.
Win Lost 05:12
Watch the phone, you think you’ve won. Fill out the form for which you’re born. Moving, backwards, reeling. Denying, dissemble, cheating. You’ll be the one that’s beaten down. They’ll be the ones who wear the crown. Go away now, what’s it take? The people’s the person inside. Go away now, you can’t fake. The blessing is not in disguise. Seen clearly: the whole stakes. Reality, nowhere to hide. No escape, swallow your pride. Must you relate to that you hate?
“When yer on yer on, and when yer out yer done.” These are the things we are trained to remember. You burn your energy to earn relaxation. We take risks to maintain our health. We give kindly to the world, and wait for it to come back to us. We build castles of the next best thing and sit in it. “I used to walk past the same pawn shop window every day, staring at it. It was calling my name. Saying it wanted to be in my possession. I walk in, bell rings. To my surprise a siren's ghost arise.” Can't stop the bleeding, use your thumb. It's been too long. They shot the medic– we are done. Watch them run. Dave from Canton got his leg blown off. He was a roofer back home, time for a career change. Unceded, depleted; it was your gun. Pleasant dreams of valley streams, as wives flee to set the darker tone. Held tight by rivets might, as steel and water flash to create the martyr's right.
Look towards the light, you'll see it’s gone. Common response, the feeling’s strong. Skim through files to be resourceful. When the hound stares, deploy. Pace back and forth, lick your hands. Willing but unable. Telling lies and stable. As the fleet’s overseas we remain at ease. Plain less of an arch, strangled in the dark. Patients pass in line. The sewage sludge is brine. Pretend to eat it up. The calves rib is stuck. Post grace of man, we say good luck. Scenic overviews for the truth ensues. Self-made men.
Ablebody 03:43
A resolve to do the wrong thing. Major crashes, and the heart will sing. Check the balance, darling, before leaving town. When you drove away, alerted sense of sound. In step with each other until our eyes turn grey. Your secret side, expired pesticides. Feeling out to normalize the top prize. Late night arrive is an ill mannered sign. Steal a slice of rye in order to provide. No words to say, spying eyes from outside.
Don't say a word that you can't keep. Don't say a word, just listen to what I have to say. Fake it, you might as well. You said my name and I thought I was to blame. Quit pulling me in, quit turning me out, quit showing up, quit coming through. Quit roaming for, quit sticking me, quit making it. Quit calling my name, just to say it. It's a shame. Fake it. That's what you do. Every time I turn around I'm calling you. Face it. You might as well face it. Can you see my pain? Face it. You might as well face it. I can't depend on you. Calling your name, calling your name, calling your name. Don't say a word, don't say a word. You might as well face it.
Can you recall your birth? Can you recall your life? Can you gasp again at the passing of time? Too bad it's a lie! I don't believe. I hate to say it but The Simulation's breaking down. I had to pull a thread to verify what I have found, it ran away with me now all the thread is spilling out. I rode a wave away to find your face so I can shout: You won't believe your eyes, you might not see the lies. You might not see the cliff ahead. Repeal authority over meaning. I don't believe. Reveal the forest for the trees. I don't believe. Crush reality. Trust me. Trust me, you don't want to free your mind, beware what you may find. I don't believe. Trust me, you may want to free your mind. I don't believe. You might not see the cliff ahead.
Weed no conquer. Low no rumble, the paintings fall to the dark that floats below. Forces the growth to climb the walls, before we've seen it at all. Pointing fingers to bare you more, we've seen it all before. The black falls across the floor. The planks can hide no more. The rain it calls, we can cover it all. Too ashamed to make the call. Never hide your shame, point no blame. Loss or gain, it's all the same. Hide no shame, point no blame.
To call his favorite dead cell wire, but only for my friend’s cigarette, and it smells inside. Listen, I'm sleeping in the night, and in an intense fast pace. I drink her fate, I've been drinking that woman for far too long. These mistakes I state, I'm not the regret. I fit your mold as tight as the bridge. We do what we are told. We will erupt, split our halves in fourths. The tired become soil, the dirt forms the water that flows out between your legs. All in the way, it transfers man for a cure. All in the way, a dying horse begs.


A collaborative and improvisational study featuring the talents of a dozen juicy friends.

Digipak available in early April!

Learn more at social-studies.human-services.com


released March 24, 2018

Sean Sanford, Jeff Liscombe, Don Piffalo, Billy Kurilko, Steve Kerchner, Justin Waters, George Pig-rodent, Sandy Pig-rodent, Jeremiah Boothe, Anthony Burgess, Matt Thomas, Maria Thomas, Leah Hart, Alex Hughes, Darryl Debarrel, W.W. Mud Duck


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